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Quenn N. Crum is the Owner/Managing Broker of Abode Real Estate, LLC. She has been a realtor since 2007 and Managing Broker since 2013.

Quenn began her real estate career in the Title Industry in 2001. She has worked every aspect of that industry, including owning a title company. Her inside knowledge of the title industry allows her to walk both clients and the agents that she supervises through the intricacies of various real estate transactions. Quenn understands that each transaction is special - every deal is different, each client has different needs. Her background in title has afforded her the opportunity to walk through thousands of transactions as a settlement agent, working hand in hand with buyers, sellers, agents and lenders.

As managing broker, Quenn loves working with agents of all levels of experience to ensure that they are able to give their clients the highest levels of customer service, with a focus on doing the right thing for each client.

Quenn N. Crum
Owner/Managing Broker
Exit Realty Eclipse
TN License Numbers: 261270
Exit Realty Eclipse

Quenn N. Crum

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